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Since 1987 we have specialized in providing software solutions for complex tasks. We plan and execute client projects with the greatest care, beginning long before the actual implementation. We approach every client relationship from a partnering perspective, and do not set out to merely sell products, but instead develop complete solutions. We accompany clients throughout the software lifecycle process, and consider that we have reached our goal only when clients are satisfied with the quality of our work and with our solutions.

Duty planning in Italy and Austria - Wor…

Duty rosters: In the hospital in Perugia they’re managed by personnel planning software. The same software is used in health facilities in southeast Austria. Gabriella Carnio, Chairman of the Healthcare...

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Grazathlon 2017

We're proud of our Grazathlon finisher - Michael, Enrico and Harald

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Axtesys is our Partner

We live in an unbelievably complex world where everything affects everything else. With so many influencing factors, no one can predict how systems will act. So we need the ability...

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APUS is co-host of the Agile Austria Con…

As co-host, it is our pleasure to invite you to the Agile Austria Conference in June. You can look forward to a high-level program with an international lineup. With keynote...

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APUS is certified to ONR 192500 – again.

Everything we do influences others. At a company that can mean employees and their families, the companies we develop for, the partners who support us, the utility that delivers the...

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The Virtual Emergency Room is a complete…

Since the middle of 2016, some 50,000 patient transports have been performed using the Virtual Emergency Room patient terminals developed by APUS Software. This is a good time to take...

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Life Science Expert Consultation - Focus…

For companies and startups focusing on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) it is important to ask the right questions at the right time so that ICT solution development can proceed...

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Freiraeume (Freespace) Pioneer Meetup #4

The 4th Pioneer Meetup in Graz took place on 26 Jan. 2017.  At Lean Coffee, Gerhard, Werner, Jakob, Manuela and Gregor talked about some interesting issues, like hard-to-resolve conflicts in...

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Over 11,000 kilometers saved

Last year we started the Car Saving campaign. The idea was to form carpools and use alternative means of transportation (public, cycling, walking) to reduce the use of private cars...

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2016 Company Retrospective

On Monday and Tuesday (Dec. 19 and 20) the 2016 Company Retrospective was held at Der Klugbauer. Based on a look back at 2016 and the experience of the past...

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Digital Future Congress

Invitation to the Digital Future Congress of the IT Community Styria When: November 17, 2016 Start: 1:30 PM Place: SSI Schäfer – Fischeraustrasse 27, 8051 Graz Digitization will...

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WKO Networking Day

On October 6, 2016, the Networking Day of the UBIT corporate consulting and information technology industry association was held by the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO). Keynote speaker Gerhard Hammer, CEO...

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Agile Facilitation Lab 2016

Last week some Agile Enthusiasts of the Graz Scrum User Group - Philipp Eisbacher, Gregor Karlinger, Rene Pachernegg, Katharina Seke, Stefan Wunder - put on the first Agile Facilitation Lab. 16...

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Agile Coach Camp Austria (ACCAT16)

On September 16 to 18, 2016 the third Agile Coach Camp Austria (ACCAT16) took place near Baden. It was attended by a Scrum Master, Product Owner, freelance Coach and Trainer...

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Virtual Emergency Room

The “Virtual ER” has gone into trial operation in southeastern Austria with much media attention. The Virtual ER links the dispatcher and vehicles of the Red Cross as well as...

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Forum Spital 2016

Apus exhibited at Forum Spital in Vösendorf this year again. Together with KAG, a regional healthcare facility company, we presented and discussed alternative duty roster models under the motto “Setting...

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Grazathlon 2016

Apus is part of the IT Community Styria (ITCS) and as such not just a co-sponsor of the Grazathlon, but also naturally a participant.  According to our people who ran...

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First Responder in Rome

Imagine a big crowd of people: Demonstrators, maybe, or pilgrims, in a city with chaotic traffic like Rome. Imagine somebody suddenly falling ill in the middle of the crowd. Ambulances...

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IONIO - healthcare duty roster discussion
Workforce Management

IONIO® is the logical, but also enthusiastic, outcome of a 20 year history. In 1992 Apus got the nod from a local emergency hospital to develop an IT system to make personnel planning easier. At the time no one could foresee that this would be the start of something that would extend far into the future. [Read more...]

Air Traffic Control Germany, control center
Air Traffic Management

German ATC operator Flugsicherung GmbH has decided to entrust the Germany-wide networking of all voice communication systems and the TMCS – Technical Monitoring and Control Systems – to an Austrian provider. The project with the working title TMCS Laser comprises the development of a higher-level TMCS that will link all of the latest-generation Frequentis voice communications systems and their TMCS currently installed at five control centers and 16 airports. [Read more...]

We are listening to the needs of Public Transport
Public Transport

In 2005 a new chapter in our company history began when we were tapped to implement the service applications of the operations telecommunications system for the Swiss Federal Railways. The scale of such systems can extend from a single rail line to a nationwide network. [Read more...]

Data terminal made by APUS in an red cross ambulance
Emergency Medical Services

First responders are emergency personnel who volunteer in their off-hours to respond to alarms in addition to on-duty personnel. If they live close by, they can be at the scene of an emergency before on-duty personnel. The First Responder mobile application improves the coordination of first responders. [Read more...]

APUS SW Engineering & IT Consulting
SW Engineering & IT Consulting

For 30 years APUS has been developing software and software systems, many of them for safety-critical applications. Our software is used in air traffic control, at airports, in healthcare, in public transportation, by police and rescue organizations, and in banks. [Read more...]

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