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Imagine getting exactly the software and services you really need.

Since 1987 we have specialized in providing software solutions for complex tasks. We plan and execute client projects with the greatest care, beginning long before the actual implementation. We approach every client relationship from a partnering perspective, and do not set out to merely sell products, but instead develop complete solutions. We accompany clients throughout the software lifecycle process, and consider that we have reached our goal only when clients are satisfied with the quality of our work and with our solutions.

Virtual Emergency Room

The “Virtual ER” has gone into trial operation in southeastern Austria with much media attention. The Virtual ER links the dispatcher and vehicles of the Red Cross as well as...

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Forum Spital 2016

Apus exhibited at Forum Spital in Vösendorf this year again. Together with KAG, a regional healthcare facility company, we presented and discussed alternative duty roster models under the motto “Setting...

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Grazathlon 2016

Apus is part of the IT Community Styria (ITCS) and as such not just a co-sponsor of the Grazathlon, but also naturally a participant.  According to our people who ran...

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First Responder in Rome

Imagine a big crowd of people: Demonstrators, maybe, or pilgrims, in a city with chaotic traffic like Rome. Imagine somebody suddenly falling ill in the middle of the crowd. Ambulances...

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IONIO Consulting

We focus on people.

This simple statement is at the forefront of all of APUS’ relationships, whether with clients, employees or any other stakeholders. It’s all about people, in identifying and promoting mutual benefit, and in our expectations of employees, such as ethically correct behavior in-house and with clients.

Partners and alliances

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